1. #characterdesign ing in #mangastudio

  2. swegener:

    Oh man. That is perfect.

  3. Unless it’s my dog

    unless is my dog

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  4. sopesope:

    Luci fan art + process gif. Luci’s a character from Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked and The Divine.

  5. Eres Niños Magazine.

  6. Drawing with reference

  7. Getting rid of stuff. Bunch of books

  8. 22 Panels that always work, the Michael Avon Oeming version. From Powers.

  9. Fuck this shit, I have superpowers

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  10. philosophyofdrawing:


    Terada goin’ to town. I like how we see him think for a minute before he goes straight into it.